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Madison Street Capital: The best investment bank

Madison street capital is an investment bank. It is one of the best banks that one can approach when looking to make a drastic change in their businesses in matters related to financial services. Madison Street capital has been performing very well and has a very good reputation. It has proved to its clients that they have what it takes to offer only the best services. Madison street capital has been in business long enough to transform any business. It is an investment bank that has already proved its value by helping a number of businesses organizations to move to a higher level. Madison has gained its reputation following its ability to help the medium level firms to grow. Unlike many other financial firms that only work for the big corporations, Madison is interested in helping both small and medium level companies accomplish fast growth.


In this article, we will look at some of the companies that have benefited from the services of Madison street capital. SCG software is one of the recent beneficiaries of the Madison group financial services. In a merger with the Spitfire Group, Madison Street capital was hired to ensure that the transaction went ahead in the best way possible. DCG has its offices in Pennsylvania. It is a company that has established itself by offering services such software estimation and value management. It was started in 1945 and can sort out all the software needs of any company. Spitfire, on the other hand, is a technology consulting firm based in Denver. With the merger of the two companies, the value of both firms will be enhanced. Spitfire has been applying technology in coming up with solutions related to project management, technology architecture and other custom technological projects.


Madison street capital managed to assess the merger process with great efficiency. The management of the two firms praised the services of Madison as the best firm they could have ever worked with. The level of professionalism in the company is commendable. They have experience in what they do and have the best staff to help clients accomplish their goals. The ability of Madison street capital to analyze the merger process and give recommendations on the best way to approach the matter was a strong selling point for the company.


Madison street capital is the best performing investment bank in the world today. In 2017, it was awarded for its ability to help many companies especially the medium level ones to overcome the challenges related to finances. Madison street capital is based in Chicago although it has opened offices in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Its services are mainly centered on mergers and acquisitions, tax compliance and corporate governance. Madison Street Capital is the go-to Company for all related financial services in the world.

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Sahm Adrangi: Researcher and Investor

Sahm Adrangi is an investor who began his firm, Kerrisdale Capital Management, in 2009 Throughout the firm’s evolution, he has continued to maintain an active role in all areas. Despite initially launching Kerrisdale with only $1 million, $150 million is currently under its management.

While Sahm Adrangi’s short selling successes tend to be remarkably excellent, he is probably better known for distributing findings on companies which he feels the market actually has misguided beliefs about. Two varieties of stocks that he routinely releases the firm’s assessments about are under-followed longs combined with shorts he considers to actually be over-hyped.

The Securities and Exchange Commission even did take enforcement actions against a couple of the businesses that Sahm Adrangi uncovered as being dishonest, like ChinaCast Education Corp as well as China Education Aliiance. He attained a considerable amount of fame upon shorting as well as publicly exposing a number of these deceptive Chinese  usinesses in 2010 and 2011.

Numerous different companies and market sectors have often been the center of his research, though Sahm Adrangi’s attention has, currently, been on a number of industrial sectors which his firm seems to have specialist knowledge about. The biotechnology market appears to be among these, and Adrangi’s firm has made public facts and information concerning Bavarian Nordic, Zafgen, Pulse Biosciences, Unilife in addition to far more. This examination is often directed at the progression phases of the businesses in addition to the longer term possibilities.

Deutsche Bank was the place of employment at which Sahm Adrangi started his respectable professional career in the world of finance. At this position, he controlled loan debt financing, including high-yield and also leveraged. He then labored for several years in Longacre Management, the distressed debt hedge fund.

Adrangi completed his degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Economics after graduating from the prestigious Yale University. With the help of the respect he earned, both from his stock investing profits and via the firm’s research, lots of trading gatherings allowed him the chance to show his information through presenting with curious investors.


Madison Street Capital – article recap

In step with a recent record, a complete forty two hedge fund offers have been closed or introduced within the world in 2015. That makes 32 greater than the projected amount and indicates true signs for the market ecosystem. Madison Street Capital reviews on the achievement and says they are positive concerning the general outlook of the marketplace. The transaction quantity predicted in 2015 by means of AUM was presupposed to be 27% lower than the measurement. This exceeding of expectancies can mean the marketplace is bullish on hedge funds. The transactions have become higher and the earnings are growing. 2016 was projected to be a record 12 months primarily based at the 12 months average numbers.


The report stated that hedge funds have been seeing much higher profits because of the excessive fourth quarter numbers. The rally at the cessation of the 12 months could be because of many factors but analysts suspect that the rally was because of heightened marketplace expectancies. Analysts have speculated that the boom in numbers was due to lackluster overall performance in the course of business throughout the primary 1/2 of the yr. Many hedge fund budgets no longer produced the amount of transactions that would be important enough to raise the marketplace however Madison Street Capital has outperformed all of them.


The deal environment was strong in 2016 and Madison Street Capital took full benefit of the marketplace. The enterprise was lifted by this sort of a success at the company and the clients at Madison Street Capital have been thankful for their healthful returns. The first-class element is the fact that Madison Street Capital has been named as one of the top performers in the enterprise. They were capable of acquiring many wonderful blessings for their clients.


The M&A Advisory Board named Madison Street Capital the winner of the Debt Financing Deal of the year. They were the single firm able to beat the rest and provide amazing returns for the clients. There had been 650 different monetary corporations in the opposition; however, Madison Street Capital outperformed them all. It was no small feat however the deal that sealed their victory was their oversight of the transaction for WLR Automotive. It was a remarkable pride for every person who attended the celebratory gala. Madison Street Capital represents one of the greatest monetary institutions inside the u . s . and they serve their clients with care.


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Betsy DeVos is Ready to Push Forward & Sway the Country her Way

President Trump has introduced a lot to the world of politics. He’s introduced vulgarity to a degree that has not been seen before, and he’s introduced individuals with no political experience for leadership roles. He’s definitely the kind of leader who is full of surprises.


One individual he’s introduced is Betsy DeVos. This woman was presented to the world as the new Secretary of Education for the United States. Most people noticed that her passion was to give parents an opportunity to leave public school systems behind in favor of private and religious schools. It was easy to see why President Trump’s appointee did not sit well with most Americans. Her first appearance on television was when she was being interviewed for the job. Betsy DeVos did not come off too informed and spoke in favor of weapons in school to fend off grizzly bears, which some people ridiculed.


It seemed that Betsy took the ridicule she received rather well, but behind doors she was quite upset. Still, she shows a smile and holds her head up high. Those who know her well understood that her reaction to the negative press she received was natural. Betsy is the kind of woman who always remains respectable but fights the good fight nonetheless.


The American population may just be getting to know her, but the people of Michigan have known her for some time. It was DeVos’ efforts to transform education in a state that led to the charter school revolution, which has severely hurt the public school system. She used her financial assets to get what she wanted in Michigan, and many fear that Betsy will do the same nationally. Of course, she has assured the American people that she will do what the American people want and that she takes this job seriously.


There are those who thought she would just do what President Trump wanted, but this has not be proven true. Betsy resisted the President’s decision to prevent transgender kids from going to the restrooms they feel comfortable with. She did not show signs of disagreement publicly, but it was known through new reports. Betsy’s ability to stay true to her beliefs no matter what was not something that surprised people like Mike Cox. This man is a Republican and former state attorney general who saw Betsy at work. He knows she may act respectable, but she is a fiery political beast. Learn more:


Some who meet her in person are starting to see her underlying power. Randi Weingarten, for example, thinks she is a person people underestimate, which is part of what makes her so dangerous. Weingarten is the leader of the American Federation of Teachers.


She was voted in by Mike Pence, who had to use his position to break a tie when it came down to it. There is no doubt that Betsy came in to her role in an unconventional way. She may not seem ready for the position, but it also does not seem like she is ready to throw in the towel either.


Fabletics is Growing With Direction from Kate Hudson

Fabletics is a brand that people connect with when they are looking for athletic clothes. There are clothes for women that want to work out and look their very best. People are starting to see videos that are surfacing where there are a lot of opportunities to workout in clothing that is stylish but also affordable. This is what Kate Hudson had in mind when she created Fabletics. She wanted to make clothing that people wanted to wear even when they were not in the gym. This is how athleisurewear came into place.


Now Kate Hudson is part of a bigger movement where athleisurewear is extremely important when it comes to everyday wear for many women that happen to visit the gym after work. Many ladies like the fact that they can use this type of clothing for working out and other functions like going out for drinks with friends. There definitely is a surge in the sales for athleisurewear, and other celebrities like Beyonce have even gotten into the game with the Ivy Park clothing line.


Fabletics is another one of the many forms of athletic clothing that women can buy, and Kate Hudson realizes that the market is fierce for this type of clothing. There are a lot of competitors in this industry, and Kate is doing everything that she can to separate herself from what the other competitors are doing.


One way that she has done this is by getting out and actually being vocal about this brand. She is not just someone that is profiting from the sales. She is also part of the design team when it comes to the activewear. She is part of the company when it comes to marketing the brand. Kate Hudson really has her name written all over the different aspects of carrying Fabletics to the next level.


She is an intricate part of this company, and her role varies from one day to the next. As the co-founder she has a big steak in the growth for this company, but the reality is that her desire is for the company to continue to grow even when she is no longer in place to run the daily operations of Fabletics.


Hudson is building this company, and when it competes with Amazon she wants Fabletics to shine as a household name. Everyone knows Amazon, and Kate wants everyone to know Fabletics.

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Richard Blair and Quality Wealth Protection

Wealth Solutions is the name of a trusted registered investment advisory firm that runs out of Bee Cave in Texas. The company is open on weekdays between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:00PM. People can make appointments to speak with the Wealth Solutions team on Saturdays and Sundays as well. Investment is the focal point at Wealth Solutions. People who are looking for professional assistance with subjects such as retirement planning, financial planning and wealth management get a lot out of working with this firm. If you’re an individual who is planning on retiring in the near future, Wealth Solutions may be able to offer you the gift of additional relaxation and serenity. If you’re still hard at work yet want the ease of a hassle-free future, the company may be able to assist you greatly, too. Wealth Solutions can even help individuals and families who simply want to safeguard the assets they have acquired.


The Wealth Solutions staff knows that life can be unpredictable. That’s the reason they offer retirement planning advice and guidance that’s rock-solid. These professionals strive to help clients make decisions that can make them feel more confidence. They strive to assist clients who don’t want to have to deal with the stresses of unexpected setbacks. Wealth Solutions is a business that understands how to prepare well for potential issues. It’s a business that understands that the world is always changing and evolving, too. Financial circumstances today are rarely the same as those of tomorrow.


Richard Blair is the professional who heads things at Wealth Solutions. He’s a seasoned financial advisor who takes on many diverse roles for the company. Blair is a tax specialist, annuity specialist, income specialist, fund specialist and estate and trust specialist. He has certification in all of these areas as well. People can turn to Blair any time they need accurate advice that relates to income matters. They can lean on Blair any time they’re looking for guidance that involves estates and trusts, too.


Blair is an individual who loves nothing more than aiding his fellow human beings. He created Wealth Solutions out of the desire to do good things for other people. He has kept his word as well. He frequently helps people who own and run small businesses. He frequently helps families and individuals alike. The concept of education has intrigued Blair since he was just a little boy.


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A Short But Concise Profile Of Shiraz Boghani

We can’t have enough information online about Shiraz Boghani. In fact, in just one click, you can get an almost endless list of information about him without noticing that your day is over and you still haven’t read them all. In this article, we will try to help you save time. We will list down here some of the pertinent data that lists down Mr. Shiraz professional career and acumen. This is to simplify matters and make sure you learn about him the quickest time possible. Let’s start!

1. The Founder

It may be easy to start our bio about Mr. Shiraz by saying that he’s one of the founders and partners of Sojourn Hotels LLP. Not only that. He also serves as the Chairman of the same company. Also, he’s able to lead the growth of the company in ways that had not been done by previous managers and officers. It may also be useful your research to know that Mr. Boghani is also known to be one of the main partners responsible for the growth of the prestigious, high-ranking and well-established The Splendid Hotels Group, in which he also served as its current Director.

To add to that, it may also be useful to state here that Mr. Shiraz Boghani is also a partner of Sussex Health Care Limited, and has overseen the operations of various hotel portfolios of Sojourn Hotels successfully.

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2. Excellent Relationships

It may also be interesting for your research to know that Mr. Shiraz Boghani was also able to build beautiful relationships with Europe’s wealthiest funders for various projects. With those partnerships, he’s ready to construct various projects and ventures that fit the industry he’s in, and that benefits the economy well. As a result, many companies, individuals, and employees are thankful for Mr. Boghani for what he’s done for them. Without him and his creative solutions, the people who depend on him may not be able to have the lifestyle they want.

3. Shiraz, The Winner

It may also be useful also to add here the fact that Mr. Shiraz Boghani has been awarded the Splendid Hospitality Award according to With this award, it’s not hard to see why many people would trust him in his ventures and professional decisions. That said it’s also easy for anyone to see how much potential he can still bring to any company that he’s in.

It only goes to show that Mr. Shiraz is continually challenging himself to always offer the best that he can to the world.

Read more: Mr Shiraz Boghani, Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, Awarded Hotelier of the Year at the Asian Business Awards 2016

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Working for the People and Giving Back to the People – U.S. Money Reserve

When Hurricane Harvey stormed through Houston area in early September of this year, causing over $150 billion in damages, it became obvious that the recovery of the city will require a lot of capital. To obtain the necessary funds that will go to the affected people and the process of rebuilding, many companies have taken part in showing their patriotic support. One of those companies is the U.S. Money Reserve. Learn more:


U.S. Money Reserve Partners With Austin Disaster Relief Network


In order to help the injured parties who have fallen victims of the horrific hurricane, U.S. Money Reserve established a partnership with the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN). As the largest distributor of U.S.-issued coins, the Reserve was able to raise over $219,000. All the funds will be donated to the people who have been displaced or affected in any way by the gruesome events.


The CEO of the company, Angela Koch, reinforced that the natural disaster of these proportions “hit close to home and can happen to anyone” as the company is based in the Lone Star state. Even though the amount of money donated may seem like a fraction of the total costs necessary to rebuild, without these types of charitable contributions it would be impossible to begin any form of recovery.


About the U.S. Money Reserve


Working as a private distributor of government-issued gold, the U.S. Money Reserve has been around for 16 years. The basic function of the company is to find high-valued precious metals that the investors can earn a profit on. They have been very successful with this in the past and now hold the title of one of the biggest distributors worldwide.


The most notable products that the company utilizes to diversify the portfolios of over 40,000 satisfied customers are gold, silver, and platinum. Another important factor in the success of the business is the highly skilled team of professionals that work hard to find best offers. These include, but are not limited to:


  • Experienced Account Executives
  • Numismatic Expert
  • Coin Research Professionals


Combined with the offers that include Buyback Guarantees, secure shipping, and more, the U.S. Reserve has proven to be a very prominent business in the industry of investing. The fact that this company still finds time to give back to the community through donations such as the aforementioned one in Houston speaks volumes.


Jeremy Goldstein: The exemplary compensation advocate

Jeremy Goldstein is the most sought-after business lawyer. Majority of the companies would and turn to him when legal business matters arise in their organizations. Jeremy Goldstein is the man behind main deals in corporations like AT&T, Bank one, Verizon, Duke Energy and Verizon. With over 15 years of working experience, he is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, a firm that he started independently. Jeremy Goldstein speaks and writes on executive compensation issues and corporate governance.


It is clear that today; all organizations might be potentially affected by the shareholder activism wave. Companies thus need to write up compensation policies and programs. The Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC deals with recommending best practices when it comes to matters compensation for CEOs and executive teams. Before dealing with measures of curbing shareholder activism, it is essential to know what would lead to this activism. Below are options to explore as highlighted by Jeremy Goldstein.


Most companies would deny their employees stock options because of the following reasons.


  • Dropping of the stock value. This is not full proof as some employees would still exercise their choices. Corporations have to inform about associated expenses and those at risk of facing option overhang are shareholders.


  • Most workers are cautious of this mechanism because they know that in case of an economic downturn there will be less or no reimbursement.



  • This merit is invaluable to employees when considered against the higher wages they would get paid if this method was non-existent or redundant.


With all the demerits of this mechanism, you will find it being applied because it could end up being advantageous in the following ways:


For starters, it is easier for the employees, with relevant background, to understand what a stock option is.


If the company’s stock value rises then the worker will enjoy a rise in their wages hence the workers will work toward the prosperity of the organization. This would translate into maintaining the already established clientele, captivate new customers and come up with creative services.


An organization can adopt the knock out strategy. This option has a time limit and unique requirements. If the share declines to a certain amount, the workers lose their rights. This option makes sure that the staffs are determined to push themselves to the well-being of the company so that their pay increases.

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Inmate Communication

Securus Employs Security Measures to Facilitate Secure Prison Communication

It always feels right when I talk to my locked friends and family members in a secure network. Secures Technologies ensures this. They are the largest provider of prison communication solutions around the globe.


About Securus Technologies


Securus is a private prison telecommunication corporation based in Dallas Texas, USA. The company was founded in 1986 to provide communication solutions to prisons and justice systems. Currently, Securus has branches in Atlanta, Allen, and Carrolton. Their communication solutions are employed in over 2,600 prison facilities in the US and Canada. The company is led by an experienced CEO, Richard Smith. Last year, Mr. Smith announced that the company had invested over $600 million in various aspects of the brand’s operation.


Early this year, Securus launched a Wireless Containment program that prevents contraband phones from being used in and around the prisons. In fact, the mobile phones cannot connect to the available communication networks. This innovation has been applauded by the international community as it is seen as an effective approach towards curbing prison-related crimes. They are also able to offer call monitoring and video tracking services which are necessary to ensure the security of the American society.


Customers’ Comments


Majority of the customers appreciate the role that Securus plays in ensuring safe prison communication. One thing that is clear from a majority of them is the fact that Securus is effective in preventing crimes. Their tracking facilities enable the American society and the justice systems identify a prospective criminal act. In this case, the stakeholders are able to employ the right and urgent strategy needed to prevent the crime. Customers are very appreciative of the Wireless Containment program that was launched early this year.




Generally, Securus is a recognized and reputable market leader. They are effective in offering comprehensive, innovative, and responsive prison communication solutions. They have a longstanding market reputation of providing criminal solution services needed to prevent crimes.