Children reading a bible

A Vital Partnership Between Home and Congregation

For more than 17 years, Vibrant Faith Ministries has coached congregations across the country to help them develop and implement Milestones Ministry programs. Building on this rich history, we’ve recently launched new resources, training and consulting opportunities to help congregations deepen the impact and expand the outreach of Milestones Ministry in people’s faith lives. We invite you to explore our website to learn more!

What is a Milestone?

A milestone is a meaningful, memorable moment in the lives of individuals and communities.

What is Vibrant Faith Ministries’ Milestones Ministry?

Milestones Ministry provides a faith milestone as a marker along life’s journey that says, “This is something important, and God is here, too.” It is a faith formation practice for both home and congregation that helps all generations recognize God’s presence in everyday life. Vibrant Faith Ministries’ Milestones Ministry program offers the following benefits:


  • Helps households and congregations nurture the Christian faith through life’s milestones, such as baptism, weddings, confirmation, beginning school, getting a driver’s license, graduation, anniversaries, retirement and more
  • Provides a clear and usable model to connect faith with daily life experiences
  • Promotes Christian faith formation and outreach into the larger community
  • Uses a simple structure and the Four Keys faith practices to deepen the Christian foundation in people’s lives

Our 18 Children, Youth, and Family Milestones

Twelve New Adult Milestones will be released in 2014!

  • FaithChest® Milestone: Passing on Faith
  • Baptism Milestone: The Beginning Point of Nurturing a Faith Life
  • Anniversary of Baptism Milestone: Remembering Our Way of Life
  • Prayer Milestone: Relationships with God and Family
  • Welcoming Young Children to Worship Milestone: An Intentional Invitation
  • Entering Sunday School Milestone: First Steps for a Young Child
  • Kids and Money Milestone: Good Stewards of God’s Gifts
  • Blessing of the Backpacks Milestone: A Fall Milestone for All Ages
  • Communion Milestone: Learning More about the Lord’s Supper
  • Bible Milestone: Placing Scripture in Hands and Homes
  • Bible Camp Milestone: Feeling God’s Comfort in Outdoor Ministry
  • My Body, God’s Gift Milestone: Sexuality as God’s Good Gift
  • Middle School Milestone: Created in God’s Image
  • Beginning Confirmation Milestone: Walking with Youth on Their Faith Journeys
  • Confirmation Milestone: An Evening of Honor
  • Driver’s License Milestone: Driver’s License as a Rite of Passage
  • Mission Trip Milestone: Community Blessings at Home and Away
  • High School Graduation Milestone: Equipping Graduates for the Journey